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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brinkley - our 2nd Griffon

In 2004, we put Huntley to work as a "stud dog". He did a great job and sired his first litter of 10 puppies. After the pups were a few weeks old, we took a ride North to see them. Well, they were just adorable of course!

At home we already had 3 dogs - Remington our Rottweiler, Ben our Husky mix, and Huntley. I was quite surprised, to say the least, to hear my husband announce - upon seeing the puppies - that we were going to get one! Who was I to argue - like I said earlier - it doesn't take much to talk me into getting another dog.

The timing was not the greatest, as we were in the midst of moving out of our home of 18 years into a new home in the country with acreage. Brinkley did not get the training on birds, guns, etc. as we were quite busy building kennels, putting in a yard, etc. But, he is still a great family dog and he is my running buddy. When I get out my running shoes, he gets as excited as the other dogs get around guns!

Who could really resist these little guys?

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