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in their new homes. Next projected litter is winter of 2017/18.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 weeks old!! May 22

The eyes are starting to open!! Just little slits and we noticed LeRoy's first. During the weigh-in last night there is a tie for the biggest between LeRoy and the first born girl - both at 3 lbs. 3.5 ounces. I tried doing a couple of one-handed photos this morning - not the greatest photography, but still cute.

This is our Little LuLu - she weighed 2 lbs. 14.5 ounces last night.

This is the first born boy puppy - he weighed in at 2 lbs. 10.5 ounces.

When I went out to let Hailey out one last time this morning, she was too busy:

Hailey continues to be a great mom to her pups and always watchful of them. She does enjoy getting outside and fetching a few sticks too.

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