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Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday - May 23

Finally a Holiday Weekend is here! I expect to start seeing a little walking by Monday. Once they get to a standing position and can maneuver a bit, I'll start supplementing Hailey's milk with a milk recipe my vet gave to me. Can't wait to see them make a mess - I'll be sure to have the camera ready. Leroy's eyes are fully open, but hard to see with that dark face of his. The others are open too and I expect they'll all be fully open by the end of today. They I can get some more pictures.

They seem to be more active too and a bit more voices truss. They can't hear themselves yet, but that should be happening this weekend too.

Not sure who this is:

Mom just had a drink of water and is dripping on Leroy while she watches what I'm doing. I think Leroy will be the first to walk - we'll see if I'm right soon enough.

A line of 5 sleepy puppies.

Have a great Friday everyone!!


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Anonymous said...

Great pictures again! Thank you!