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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Photo's

I try to keep my camera close by for that quick cute shot! Last night I weighed them all again and they have all doubled in size and then some. When I put them all in the laundry basket to change the bedding, they pretty much filled it up. Come to think of it . . . I should have taken a picture of that! duh!

This little guy was the 2nd boy born. He now weighs 1 pound 4.9 ounces.

This is the first female - actually the very first puppy, born at 3:33 a.m. Starting weight was 13.1 ounces and she is now 1 pound 9.1 ounces.

These two just looked so sweet criss-crossed like that this morning. I'm not sure which two they are, but it really doesn't matter.

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Anonymous said...

Mary - That is so cute. The funny thing is, that don't stop as they get older. My girls still do that.