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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stressing the Puppies

I read an article quite some time back about a reputable breeder of Griffons over in Wisconsin that came up with a method of "stressing" puppies. When I knew we were going to have a little, I looked it up again and since that time there was an article published about them in the Bird and Dog Retriever News.

It consists of laying the pups on a cool surface for 5 minutes, totally seperate from one another. While they are adjusting to this, towels are placed in the dryer to warm up. They are then placed on the warm towels for 5 minutes, still seperate from each other. Basically it teaches the puppies to accept the environment that they are placed in and adjusting to it. It also eliminates an "alpha" in the litter.

While doing this last night, Hailey was crammed up against the sliding door watching to see that her babies were okay. Big Leroy is in the middle of the pups and he had no problem adjusting.

I used a laundry basket to carry them into the house. They pretty much fill up the basket now and I imagine by the end of the week I'll have to divide them into two baskets, or get a bigger one. You can just see the side of Hailey's ear on the right making sure that all is okay.

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