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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday, May 27th

I hope everyone had a great Holiday weekend. We were very busy at home getting things done outside . . . with many little breaks to get our puppy fix and see what they were up too. The legs are getting stronger and I know that soon they will all be running around.

It is kind of like wishing for your baby to start walking and then once they do you think "oh goodness - what was I thinking!". In another couple of days I will be introducing them to a milk mixture so they can learn to drink on their own.

Are you lookin' at ME?

This is either Bernie or Charlie. I can only tell for sure when I see the spots on their backs.

While I put new bedding in the whelping box last night, I laid them all on Hailey's blanket. They didn't seem to mind. I then weighed each one and put them back in the box. All but 2 have passed th 4 pound mark now.

This little video will show you how active they are now getting. They remind me of little walruses trying to manuever around.

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Anonymous said...

That's so funny! The one is almost walking. Some of them are getting so dark. it's so enjoyable to watch them grow through your website.