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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday, May 21st

Well, the eyes are not open yet. Maybe today!! Last night we went out for dinner and I commented that when we get home I need to stress the puppies for the last time. My husband said that this process is stressing HIM. He doesn't like to see them cry. Last night there weren't any cries at all!

First onto the cool kitchen floor.

Then onto the warm towels - still hardley a peep - I think they are now used to being on their own for a little while.

Before bed, I went out and held each one checking for any sign that the eyes are opening, but no. This morning I snapped a couple more photos . . . of course. They are holding their heads up at times and using thier legs a little more too. I can't wait to see them trying to walk for the first time. I hope it happens during the long Holiday weekend.

Leroy at 13 days:

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Anonymous said...

They are so cute. My children love to watch the video, they make me play it over and over. They will be excited tonight when the get to watch some new video. How many times have you stressed the puppies? They all seem to adjust well. Have a great day Mary!