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Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th!

We let the puppies roam freely in the yard last night. At first they stayed in a group for the most part, so I went inside to rearrange the kennel as we took out the whelping box last night too. Another sign that they are growing up - too quickly I must add. I wasn't in there very long when my daughter started yelling for help. They were getting much more adventuresome and of course - each in a different direction. After some time, we brought them in and put them inside the round portable kennel while we figured out how to arrange the big one for them. They were all tired out after their play time.

I think this is Bernie:

I spy a puppy:

Attacking me . . . and yes they now have little sharp teeth!

Rosie takes a break to take it all in:

This morning I was out to feed the little devils their sloppy food. After a bit I started wondering if they'd like to try some dry food seeing as they now have the teeth to chew it. They dug right into it.

Rosie found it easiest to stand in it while eating. Lulu is just watching from the bed.


I'm pretty sure this is Bernie . . . by the time I get to work I forget!

Have a great weekend! We are looking forward to meeting a couple of our Michigan families this weekend. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's too!

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Anonymous said...

Rosie takes a break to take it all in:

this is charlie not rosie!! get it right.. haha.