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Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday - June 20th

Happy First Day of Summer!!!

As the puppies continue to grow, it is harder to find a place for them to romp around as the portable fence is too small now. So, we decided to put them in Hailey's large kennel with her dog house and straw to explore. Oh boy, did they have a blast! The videos that I'll post are pretty shaky as I had to be inside the kennel in order to take them. I didn't want the fencing in the shots - so hopefully you wont' get seasick watching them.

Lulu's in the doghouse:

New explorations:

The dog house with straw is a big hit:

Well, I cannot seem to make the video's load this morning, so I'll try to post them seperately.

The videos are not working this morning - so I'll try again later today.


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