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Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday - June 6th

I'm sorry, but I don't have any pictures to post today. Well, I do have pictures, but my camera is at home! It was one of those mornings . . . .

Some of you already know this, but I am a runner and I do my running early in the morning - pre dawn so to speak. This morning was my day off, but I was still up and gave the puppies their milk mixture mixed with some puppy food. They are liking it I must add. Their first feeding was last night. I ground up the puppy food first and it was very sloppy, this morning I tried just putting in the puppy food as it is and let it get mushy - that didn't work so well. Trial and error . . .

So anyway, I'm almost ready for work and the carbon monoxide detector goes off. After dinking around with it for a while, I called Jeff and he told me what to do. After another 20-30 minutes I'm still having troubles, so he decides to come home from work.

Since I have time to kill and don't really want to be in the house I went out to hang out with the puppes - 2 of which had escaped the whelping box and were hanging out with Hailey. A couple of others were awake too, so I put them out in the free area too and got lots of lovin' - they like to lick.

Ultimately we think we just need a new carbon monixide detector. So, Jeff went to Menards, and I came to work. Forgetting to bring my camera and other items that I wanted for the day. Once the schedule is disrupted - everything else goes out the window.

The puppies are getting their first visit from a buyer tomorrow. The first girl will get picked. We are excited to meet them.

Have a good Friday everyone!


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