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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday! 4 weeks old

This morning I went out to let Hailey out and found Leroy had managed to get out of the whelping box and pester her. Who knows how long he was the lone puppy with her. If nothing else, he got his fair share of breakfast! Tonight we will probably take out the whelping box and make new arrangements for them. I will also introduce some puppy food in with their milk mixture.

I bought a new toy for them yesterday, and Jack seems to like it.

Breakfast time! Rosie and Lulu are enjoying a good drink.

This morning when I put them all back in the box they were ALL trying to get back out - especially Leroy - he's had that little taste of freedom now!

Jack is wondering if he can make it out too.

I had expected many of the puppies to be out of the box when I went to check on them before leaving for work. I found them all sound asleep though. I think the real fun is just beginning!!

Enjoy your day!

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