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Our last litter was whelped October 15, 2016 and all pups are
in their new homes. Next projected litter is winter of 2017/18.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 30

Over the weekend, 3 of our babies went to their new homes. Before leaving they each had a nice bath which they seemed to enjoy and lots of quality play time in the house. It was hard to see each one leave, but they have wonderful homes to go too and that is such a good feeling.

Rosie loved the water:

Bye Rosie:

After his bath and lots of playtime, Charlie simply got up walked over to a kennel he has never been in before, laid down and went to sleep. It was all we could do to wake him up for his ride home. Bye Charlie:

It was the hardest for my oldest daughter to see Jack go. He is going to have a great home too which is very reassuring. My husband will miss the little guy too - he loved to get in his lap and have his belly rubbed.

Jack with his dad Huntley:

Hailey and Jack in the hallway waiting for someone to come in:

Bye Jack:

Here is a shot of Hailey after the pups were playing with her. Both of her ears are flipped on top of her head:

This morning she took over my chair . . . she is starting to get back to her normal routine now.

This is my oldest daughter with Huntley snuggling up to her:

Hannah rests after her playtime:

And finally, the last 3 fight over a bag and are having a ball hanging onto it and tearing around the house. From left to right is Hannah, Lulu and Leroy:




Anonymous said...

Great Picture of all the puppies. The pool looks fun with all of them jumpin. Thanks for the weekend update! Hailey looks funny with her ears turned up.


Anonymous said...

Super pictures, wish we could have seen them one more time before they went to their new homes.