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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday, June 24

I am so mad at myself! I took a bunch of pictures last night to make up for yesterday and left my camera at home!! We did our little romp through the woods again and they all had a blast bopping around and following their mom.

Once home Lulu came in the house for a little while. She is such a little spit fire. Dashing all around the house, dragging a blanket around, standing up to Brinkley and even going up a flight of steps!

Then Leroy came in. He's just mellow. Explores some, bugs mom for a bit and then warms up enough to do a little scampering around.

Lastly, Bernie came in. He wants to explore at his leisure, get on your lap, lick your face and then see what kind of trouble he can get into.

I PROMISE to have pictures on here tomorrow. I feel so bad as I know many of you really look forward to the posts.


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