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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday, June 11th

Wow, time is flying by now and I'm already missing them . . . thinking of them leaving gives me a heavy heart, but I know they will all be happy and healthy in their new homes. Hopefully all of you that are getting puppies will send me photo updates so I can keep this web page going.

My girls always take the pups outside when I'm not home, so last night I finally was able to get them out there myself. They just LOVE the grass!

Lulu and Rosie:

The gang:

They were playing and having a good ole' time. As soon as I go towards them however, they all run over to see me, so this video is kind of short:

This morning I brought it a bed that I had bought for Hailey this past spring. She never used it and none of the other dogs seem to like it either . . . but I found some puppies that think it is a great place to explore, play and yes, nap . . . Jack just cracks me up! His marking make it look like his head is too big for his body.

Jack checks it out:

Jack decides he likes it:

Jack's cute tail, Rosie and mom looks in on them:

Oh, this thing is going to be fun!

Leroy takes claim of it while all the others slept nearby:

Last night I also laid newspaper in an area hoping that they'd get the hang of using it. Well, they certainly got the hang of playing with it! So fun to watch them explore new things.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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Anonymous said...

These picture and video are so cute I can't wait until Friday when we get to play with them all. I love puppy breath and kisses. I need to get a digital camera and I send lots of photo's.