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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday - July 10 - Empty Nesters!

We had the pleasure of holding a puppy one extra week until her new "people" could pick her up last night. It was little Hannah and we had a fun week with just one to chase around . . . she did most of the chasing though.

Hannah hanging out with Uncle Brinkley:

Hannah cuddling up with mom:

Hannah on a pillow:

I can't believe they are all gone now. This morning seemed so strange - no newspapers to pick up, floor to clean, fresh paper to put down, puppies to cuddle, feed, etc. etc.

I had the pleasure of meeting almost every family with the exception of LuLu's family out in Oregon. Not that she didn't try to get here though! What a stressful day that was - but she made it out there just fine and from all reports she and all the others are doing great. They even re-named LuLu "Rawley" which is just such a thrill for me.

Now the big news - we will be getting a new puppy ourselves in two weeks. Another little girl to train, hunt with, sleep with, camp with and eventually breed as long as all her tests are good. We are very excited and will post a picture of her when she arrives.

Also - we will be breeding Hailey and Huntley again next January for March pups - ready for homes in May. IF all goes according to plan! You all know how women can be! :0)

I will be updating and posting pictures of the "kids" as their new owner's send the pictures to me. I'm also going try and make this a more traditonal "web page" as time permits.

It's been my pleasure and hope everyone continues to be happy with their new babies!