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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the whole gang:

B'Nellie, Jeff, Hailey, Mary, Brinkley and Huntley

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puppy Updates

Our little Dottie (Emma) has been having some great adventures out in Iowa on some hunting trips. For a youngster it sounds like she is doing great and this is a great picture of her too:

She has a great nose and was able to track the running birds like she had been doing it for years! She also pointed and held numerous hens and pointed roosters that I would see run way out in front of us and flush. She is crazy fast and has great desire.

Our Emmit is continually having adventures and winning the hearts of everyone he meets. Here is a current picture - you can just tell he's a little devil:

And lastly, a more recent picture of Carlisle (Molson now). He is quite the trouble maker it seems. :-)



Friday, September 18, 2009

Emmitt, Emmitt, Emmitt.....

He leads such a good life with a good mom! I love getting regular updates about his adventures and of course, the pictures are just priceless:

This weekend we went to "dog beach" a resident created dog park in a state park up in Penfield, about 45 minutes away from us. Emmitt had such a great time playing with multiple dogs and having lots of buddies to chase him. The funniest part was when an elderly man came down to the pond with a stroller, and in it was not a grandchild but instead a kitty. All of the dogs went absolutely crazy trying to tear through the stroller to get at the cat. That is all of them but Emmitt. He continued to run circles around the others in an attempt to have a friend chase him. It was as if he was saying "Hey guys, I have lots of kitties to play with at home and there not all that much fun, so come play with ME" Everyone got a real kick out of it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Puppy Waiting List

We are now accepting deposits for next spring's litter. It will be the 3rd mating of Hailey and Huntley. We expect the whelping date to be the end of April or first part of May. We accept deposits on 3 males, and 3 females and take names after that. Currently one male and one female are spoken for.

Feel free to call or send an e-mail if you would like more information

Huntley's Pedigree:

Huntley's OFA Certification:

Hailey's Pedigree:

Hailey's OFA Certification:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hailey meets her puppies

Last week, the couple that bought Dottie, now Emma, came over to visit. I had visions of a nice mother/daughter reunion complete with photos and lots of play time together. Not! Luckily I had Hailey on a leash for the meeting, because she didn't take to Emma well at all. It could be due to the fact that she was in heat and her hormones are flying.....or maybe she just wasn't all that thrilled about having her back around again. Either way, I enjoyed seeing her and got lots of kisses and cuddles with her. She is a beautiful dog with very short hair and so very well trained already! Here are the only two shots that I could really get:

Then over the past holiday weekend, we were able to go visit with Sadie, now known as Libby. I knew right from the start that Hailey might not like her very well either, but I was hopeful due to the fact that we were on her turf and because they had all of Lake Michigan as a playground. Hailey still was not real interested. She did lots of growling at her, but all the while her tail was wagging.

Once we got down to the beach, she did a little playing with Libby, but not as much as Libby would have liked. It was fun watching Libby trying so hard to get her attention, but Hailey was much more interested in fetching the tennis ball, over and over and over .....

Libby is going to look very much like Hailey. She isnt' real sure about the water yet, but that will come with time. I remember when Hailey didn't want anything to do with the water either, and now we can't keep her out of it. Libby is a sweatheart and loves to give kisses too.

Hailey shows Libby how to do it:

Here is a little video of the beach activities:

After a big day full of activity, Hailey enjoys a hearty steak bone ... a rare treat:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jasper Update

Jasper is enjoying his new family, and it sounds like they are adoring him:

Jasper is a very sweet little man. We are loving having him in our family. He loves our pond.

He has two beautiful little girls to play with and it is nice to see that he still plays with the toy that we sent home with him:

He looks so big in this picture, but I think it is just because she is so little:

What a handsome guy:

I hope you enjoy these updates as much as I do!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puppy Updates

When we got back from our wonderful Alaska vacation, I was welcomed with several puppy updates in my inbox. Finally, I am getting around to sharing these updates with all of you.

First of all, Esme / Ryder is doing wonderful. In their own words:
Chris took Ryder to a NAVHDA event last weekend in Wapello, Iowa. She got to try some of the puppy skill tests and was the first puppy to point a pigeon. Chris was just thrilled and wished he would have had the camera. We are working on some basic commands and she is catching on really quickly. She just loves to play fetch and can't wait for you to get out the tennis ball.

It looks as though she is quite "patient" as the vet in training takes care of her:

And here she is just relaxing in the cool grass:

Dottie - now known as Emma gets along great with her big sister.
Emma is doing great! She has moved up from the alligator stage to being a gremlin. She went to the Vet last friday, got her 2nd shot and weighed in at 15.4#, a gain of 6# from her last visit. She has been fishing and swimming and seems to be enjoying the summer. We are training and she will sit, stay and come on command. She appears to like training and leash work and has been a quick study.

Here are a few recent photos of her. It looks as though she is having a great time in her new home:

Carlisle, now known as "Molson" seems to be quite the handful. A BIG handful:
Molson is @ 25 pounds now, a real moose. He went to puppy class today and did great...for Val anyway, then came home and proceeded to eat an entire cardboard box. We haven't read a newspaper in weeks because he thinks it's a really fun thing to rip it out of our hands as soon as we open it....he's napping now...he's had a busy day.

Emmitt is doing wonderful too and I always look forward to my weekly updates about his adventures.

Yesterday we took a trip to Ithaca where they have a state park with several waterfalls where you can walk in the gorge. Emmitt did so great, I think it was won of my favorite times we had together. He was so brave going over the rocks and through the water, even swimming all by himself.

I also received some photos of Bella in the mail. I hope to scan them and get those posted soon too. She is also doing very well in her new home.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updates on the puppies come filtering in from time to time and when I receive them, it simply makes my day so much brighter!

Esme is now known as Ryder - named after a gun of course! The Red Rider B-B Gun.

The proud owner of said gun gives Ryder lots of lovin':

Ryder enjoys a cool break in the grass:

I don't have any current pictures of Bella - now know as Breze - yet, but I do get e-mails telling of her good nature:

She whined a little the first night at her new home but after that she sleeps through the night! We’ve never had a puppy do that so soon. She is full of vim and vigor! Her favorite things we are finding are crushed ice and her doggy biscuits. I’ve got her trained to sit and she shakes her right paw after she gets her treat! We have remarked that we know what good care you gave all the puppies. They were nurtured off to a good start. She is also very friendly with anyone she has met. She definitely knows my voice and no matter where she is, if she hears me, she comes running....

I get weekly updates about Emmitt and his fun adventures. He has just started the swimming adventure and is taking to it fairly quickly:

Emmitt also loves to steal anything that his older brother Kaiser has. He especially likes to steel his bone when he's not looking:

Carlisle is now called "Molson". He kind of looked like a little round keg and it sounds like he still looks like a keg - only a lot bigger already:

Molson was just acting nice and mellow when we came to see him to fool us, because he is an absolute devil now. Nothing is safe: the toilet paper, the cats, anything he can carry and is not intended for puppies, that's what he wants. He has doubled in size already, and believe it or not, his feet are even bigger....still not too graceful. We think he's going to be a big dog. He's been to the beach, loves the sand, but not too sure about the water yet.. Has completely torn every plant in our graden up, roots and all...no fresh green beans for us this year. He's asking for the door sometimes, yeah, but still doesn't have a clue what his name is. The neighborhood dogs have all accepted him and he's not the least bit afraid of any of them; even Shaggy who probably easily weighs 100 pounds. He's an absolute doll, and we all adore him...he already pointed a robin...so cute. I'll send some pictures as soon as I find my USB cord...he stole it out of my bag . ...

So, hopefully I will have pictures of him to post soon too. I hope you all enjoy as much as I have.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Empty Nest

It has been over a week now since all the puppies have left. Hailey has adjusted nicely and she is back to acting like a puppy herself. Occasionally she goes out by the pole barn door and looks at me with those big eyes telling me to let her in again, just to be sure that they are gone. So, she goes inside and sniffs around just to make sure that none were left behind. Then it is back out to the wood piles so she can do some critter hunting.

There were two families that I forgot to take a final picture of with their puppy. I guess I got too consumed with my goodbyes.

Carlisle with his mom:

Carlisle had a blast playing with B'Nellie before he left. With B'Nellie's white coat, she looks like she could be his mom:

Sadie after her bath:

Sadie with her new mom and dad:

Sadie (now Libby)

Libby is a peach, we had her at the beach this weekend

Hailey gives Esme (Ryder) some goodbye advise

Esme (Ryder)'s new mom:

Bella, Bella, Bella .... the littlest proved to have the most energy! She taught Japser how to go up and down the steps before they parted ways:

Bella (Breze)'s new family:

Jasper takes a nap as he waits to go home:

One last snuggle time with Jasper:

Emmitt is enjoying the good life with his new family. He is making friends with his big brother "Kaiser" slowly but surely.

I love getting updates and pictures of all the puppies as they grow. It just makes my day to open up my e-mail and find a message from one of the new families. As I get updates I will post them here.

Thanks to everyone!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday 5-29

Bella may be the smallest of the pups - but she is definitely the most energetic. She can run like the wind and loves to pick on her bigger siblings. In their little minds, absolutely nothing is off limits when they are out running around. After they were tired out last night I went into their area and just sat down with the last 5 and let them climb all over me and love me. Each and every one of them just loves to be the center of attention.

Tonight Carlisle goes home and the rest will be gone by tomorrow afternoon. We sure will miss them.

Esme finds some boxes to chew on:

Jasper thinks the boxes are inviting too:

My husband got ahold of the camera while I sat with the pups:

Sadie gives me a hug while the rest chew on me:

Carlisle this morning with Bella in the background:

Happy Friday!!