Wirehaired Pointing Griffons for Sale

Our last litter was whelped October 15, 2016 and all pups are
in their new homes. Next projected litter is winter of 2017/18.

Contact Mary Kaiser @ rawleypointkennel@gmail.com or 616-846-3089 or 616-460-6434

Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26

Nothing new to report really. Hailey is doing well. I find her "sleeping in" a lot more these days. One week from Saturday we go to the vet and have her pregnancy verified. Then she can start taking calcium tablets and vitamins. Here are a few photos I took of the kids the other night:

B'Nellie getting as close to the camera as possible:

Hailey wants to cuddle up on my lap .... and yes I let her of course!

Bookend dogs....Brinkley and B'Nellie:

My girlfriend recently got a lab mix puppy so I brought B'nellie into work with me last Friday so they could play:

Enjoy! I hope to have a great update for you after the 7th!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Mom and Dad

Last night my daughter came home for the evening and the dogs just love to see her. Hailey is becoming a lap dog more and more and will simply lay her head on your lap and stare at you until you give her permission to come on up! Here she is making herself at home on the love seat with Katie:

Huntley likes to make himself comfortable with his little "blankie". After scrunching it up just right with his paws, he finally settles in for a little nap:

LuLu Update

Rawley is absolutly the best little girl.
Rawley (our little LuLu) traveled the furthest to be with her new family out in Oregon. It always makes my day to find an update and photo's in my inbox!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Charlie Update

Mellow little Charlie (aka Grady) is doing great up north and from the pictures it looks like he loves the snow. That is a good thing with all the snow we've been hit with this winter!! This is a typical look of a griffon that has been out playing in the snow:

Here is another where he is posing by the Christmas tree:

They have a new baby in their household and he is not too sure what to make of it all, but is adapting well - as Griffons do!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jack Update

I just got these pictures of Jack. I can't stop looking at how cute he is. He definitely has Hailey's face, and Huntley's coat and cute little feet. Jack's owner describes him as "Phenominal", "great", and "incredibly intelligent". His curiosity tends to get him into some tight situations though - luckily he seems to have 9 lives. He has a great home life which couldn't make me happier.