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Friday, March 27, 2009

The big day is drawing near ....

And Hailey is getting a bit uncomfortable these days and a bit ornery with the other dogs too. But who can blame her? Here she is last night sprawled out on the floor:

This is the proud pappa - Huntley:

Hailey telling B'Nellie a secret:

B'Nellie is wondering if this big brown spot makes her butt look big?

This will be a busy week as we get everything ready for the arrival of the puppies. My bet is that they will be here Sunday, April 5th. It won't be long now!!

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Anonymous said...

that is awsome, ......... can't wait to hear all about it, I love your posts and pics, keep them coming! looks like we may have to bring dinner TO you guys if we have to "puppy watch:)". Chelle Kostner