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Thursday, April 16, 2009

4-16-09 Puppy Update

Last night was the last time for the puppy stressing. It is amazing how quickly they adapt now and although there was still some whining and protesting - they settled down much quicker. After that, it was time to weigh each one again and change any ribbons that were getting tight. Some of the little rascals are 2 pounds or more already!!

Bella is still smaller than the others, but not by much anymore. She's up to 1.5 pounds already and she can really get herself around. Probably because she is lighter - some of them have pretty nice size bellies.

I expect that any day now their eyes will start opening and they should also be able to start hearing too. It'll be fun to watch them discover that they have voices.

Jasper (light blue ribbon) this morning:

Edward (red ribbon) Look at that belly!

Emmitt (dark green) & Alice (light green):

Esme (Yellow ribbon) & Dottie (no ribbon):

Rosalee (pink ribbon) and Bella (no ribbon):

I thought I had pictures of ALL of them this morning, but I am missing Carlisle and Sadie. I'll make it up to ya'll tomorrow!!

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Anonymous said...

I think you need to read the Twilight books so you can start getting the spelling right. :) It's "Esme", silly goose.

<3 Katie