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Monday, April 27, 2009

The first drink ..... 4/26

This litter of puppies seems so smart to me! Well ..... I'm sure they are as they have very smart parents. Last night my daughter and I gave them their first dish of milk so they can learn how to lap it up. My wonderful vet gave me a recipe to make this mother's milk supplement and by feeding it to them a couple of times a day, it will help alleviate Hailey from all that suckling. They are all walking quite well and took to the milk easily. We divided them into 2 groups of 5.

Group 1 checks it out:

Bella thinks it is quite tasty:

Bella loves it and gets right into it .... literally:

This is good stuff!!

Group 2 - Edward took right to it:

The post milk huddle after getting washed off:

Group one video:

Group two video:


Kay and Mike's Blog said...
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Kay and Mike's Blog said...

I wonder if the ones who like to walk in the dish of "milk" are the same ones who will love the water... :-)