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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Great Escape 4-29

The great escape has begun! Edward was the first escapee, followed by Esme and Rosalee. My daughter went out to see them yesterday morning and just as she walked in the door she witnessed Edward rolling out of the box. Hailey will no longer have her "quiet time" as they get more and more cleaver. When I got home last night, both Edward and Rosalee were having a quiet feeding time with Hailey.

They love their milk mixture! Bella is the star when it comes to lapping it up, but they all have the hang of it now. This morning I put down a full pie plate and all 10of them licked it dry .... no leftovers for Hailey anymore! Tonight I will start mixing in a little Rice Baby cereal to hold them over through the night.

Let's go for it:


Jasper tries to figure it out:


Breakfast this morning:

Emmitt wants out and thinks crying will do the trick. Yes, it did, I picked him up after the video:

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