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Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday 4-13-09

I hope everyone had a great Easter Holiday! Saturday afternoon we had a pleasant visit with a couple from Ohio that is buying one of females. We really enjoy meeting all the new families - in our book that is an added bonus to the whole process.

Saturday evening we started stressing the puppies. This is a process in which we bring all the puppies in the house and lay them on the kitchen floor separated from each other. They lay on the cool floor for 5 minutes while we have towels warming up in the dryer. After the 5 minutes they are then put onto the warm towels for another 5 minutes. Boy, do they make a LOT of racket!! The theory behind this process is to make them independent and not have an alpha puppy in the group. All equals.

While our daughter was home from college this weekend, she named all the puppies - well, I got to name 2 of them. The girls are really into the movie/book series "Twilight" and took the character names from the movie for the puppies. We still needed two more girl names, of which I chose "Dottie" and "Sadie".

This is little "Bella" laying on her warm towel. She is the smallest of the pups.

"Jasper" on his warm towel:

This morning:

Emmit laying on his back with Sadie cuddle up to him:

Saturday night I also trimmed all the little nails ..... 160 of them. Enjoy and have a great day!!

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