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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday 4-14-09

My daughter Katie came over last night to help me with day 3 of stressing the puppies. The hardest part of this process is keeping Hailey busy and out of ear shot of the puppies, so last night we took a drive to McDonald's to get her some more cheeseburgers ..... yes ..... she is quite spoiled right now. As an added treat I even bought her a small vanilla ice cream cone that she would not even lick! Here I thought that I was a picky eater - she takes the cake!

So, here we have a basket full of puppies on to take into the house:

The cool kitchen floor - listen to the noise they can make:

Then onto the warm towels and see how they settle down nice and quiet:

Little Bella made her way over to the carpet while Katie got the towels out of the dryer. For the smallest one, she sure can get around:

Katie's favorite .... Bella of course:

Alice has a full tummy and is resting comfortably:

Dottie too:

Enjoy and have a great day everyone!!


Kay and Mike's Blog said...

They are getting cuter every day! Can't wait to see them in "person".

walls said...

The Wall family can't wait to see the puppies in person. There are two very excited girls in our house.