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Monday, May 18, 2009

6 weeks old! May 18

Today the puppies are 6 weeks old and my daughter is 23 years old! Good thing I am not getting any older!!

We had fun with taking the puppies outside this weekend. We put them all in Hailey's kennel area and they had a blast playing in her dog house and spreading the straw all over the place. We also went for some walks in the woods in groups of 2 or 3. They loved that little taste of freedom, so now when they are in their kennel area all they want to do is howl and cry to get out and run around. 10 puppies can make a LOT of noise!

I also put two puppy carriers in their space last night without the doors so they can explore, sleep and get used to being inside one. I have to work on taking a picture as they like to get up as soon as I walk in the door.

Carlisle explores:

Bella and Rosalee:

Hailey leads the way with a little puppy face peeking out behind her:

Sadie and Jasper explore


All 10 were in the dog house sleeping until I showed up with the camera:

This is a bit shakey - the first time playing in the dog house area:

I fogot to mention earlier that Carlisle has a great new home. He will be local so we can see his progress once in a while and watch him grow.

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Kay and Mike's Blog said...

I'm glad Carlisle got a new home! He is such a good looking guy.

We really enjoy the videos because they allow us a little glimpse of the puppies' personalities. Once they come to live with us, we won't get to see the back and forth play with their litter mates.