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Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday 5-29

Bella may be the smallest of the pups - but she is definitely the most energetic. She can run like the wind and loves to pick on her bigger siblings. In their little minds, absolutely nothing is off limits when they are out running around. After they were tired out last night I went into their area and just sat down with the last 5 and let them climb all over me and love me. Each and every one of them just loves to be the center of attention.

Tonight Carlisle goes home and the rest will be gone by tomorrow afternoon. We sure will miss them.

Esme finds some boxes to chew on:

Jasper thinks the boxes are inviting too:

My husband got ahold of the camera while I sat with the pups:

Sadie gives me a hug while the rest chew on me:

Carlisle this morning with Bella in the background:

Happy Friday!!

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Kay and Mike's Blog said...

We are so excited for tomorrow! I hope I can sleep! Mary, we won't show up at your door at the crack of dawn, promise.