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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20th Update

All is well with the 10 active .... very active puppies! Last night Dottie's parents came to visit for a little while. Between that and all the running around in the outdoor kennel, they were all tired out fairly early! My girlfriend and her daughter came over a little later in the evening and they couldn't believe how mellow they all were. 3 sleeping on top of each other in a carrier, one so tired he was sleeping with his head hanging over the bed and others just cuddled up here and there. Bella was awake, so she was the lucky one to get held and loved.

Dottie sleeps after her visit:

Edward doesn't mind his head hanging off the bed:

Jasper, Alice and Sadie all cuddle up in a carrier:

Rosalee loves adventure and carrying things in her mouth. She was running all over the pole barn with this scrub brush in her mouth. I wanted a picture of that, but this was all I could get while she took a break:

I filled up the wading pool outside in Hailey's kennel where they get to play periodically throughout the day. I was home alone, so shooting a video was a bit challenging. This is not the greatest and very short but it gives you a little idea. Esme is the one that is getting in the water, as I helped her get her butt over the edge. All of them were in for a short walk. We will do it again this evening if the mosquitos allow it. They are terrible at our house this year.

This afternoon we are off to the vet for their final checkup, worming and shots. Wish me luck!!

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