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Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day, May Day!!

Happy May Day!! The puppies are now eating fairly thick rice cereal mixed with the puppy milk concoction and they are lovin' it and getting bigger and stronger. One of the males is up to 5 pounds already!! They still look pretty little and cute though ...

Alice and Carlisle enjoy the cereal:

Oh, I am not sure .... this is either Alice or Sadie:

Bella definitely eats her share:

Edward with Rosalee behind him:


Hailey licks cereal off of Jasper:


Tired Carlisle:

Just a short activity video:

I just take photos at random and I do my best to get all 10 puppies featured. However, that doesn't always happen. If there is a particular puppy you'd like to see more of, just send me a note and I will e-mail them to you. We are excited to spend some time with a couple of the puppy buyers this weekend.

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Kay and Mike's Blog said...

I just realized that I have a huge grin on my face all the while I'm looking at the puppies. They get cuter by the second!