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Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday May 4 Update

We had a fun weekend with visitors and the first male puppy was choosen ..... little Emmitt! They have even decided to keep the name as it just fits his personality. The puppies were quite playful and put on a little show for them. They now like to climb all over you and hearing them growl is just a hoot. Because we were so busy, I realized this morning that I really didn't take many pictures ..... so I shot a few this morning before heading off to work.

Dottie is the darkest of all the puppies with all her brown spots and totally brown head:

Dottie's face:

Rosalee Plays:

Esme plays in the water:

Jasper sleeps after breakfast:

We let the hose run in a corner of their kennel so they can play in it and get used to the feel of water. This is a cute video of Esme running and sliding right into the puddle. It didn't bother her one little bit:

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Kay and Mike's Blog said...

Love the way Alice and Esme are so interested in the water.