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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Beginnings ....

I am sorry it has been so long between updates! I have been unexpectedly off of work since last Wednesday afternoon when I took all the little ones to the vet. They all passed their examinations with flying colors and not a single one cried when they received their shots.

This weekend 5 of the puppies went home with their new family. The five that are left with me are still keeping me on my toes. It turns out that they really do not need puppy toys, as scrub brushes and bungie cords are even more fun! No, I don't let them play with those things for any length of time, but it is funny how they keep finding them.

Today's pictures are all about goodbye's and happy beginnings.

Emmit crawls on mom one last time after his bath:

Emmit looks at mom through the window:

Emmit and his new mom:

Rosalee takes one last romp through the woods:

Rosalee climbs on mom after her bath:

Rosalee and her new dad:

Edward and Alice went to live in two seperate households and will grow up together as a father and daughter bought the two pups:

Dottie will live close by and we look forward to watching her grow:

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the remaining 5 for those of you that are anxiously awaiting an update.

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