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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Empty Nest

It has been over a week now since all the puppies have left. Hailey has adjusted nicely and she is back to acting like a puppy herself. Occasionally she goes out by the pole barn door and looks at me with those big eyes telling me to let her in again, just to be sure that they are gone. So, she goes inside and sniffs around just to make sure that none were left behind. Then it is back out to the wood piles so she can do some critter hunting.

There were two families that I forgot to take a final picture of with their puppy. I guess I got too consumed with my goodbyes.

Carlisle with his mom:

Carlisle had a blast playing with B'Nellie before he left. With B'Nellie's white coat, she looks like she could be his mom:

Sadie after her bath:

Sadie with her new mom and dad:

Sadie (now Libby)

Libby is a peach, we had her at the beach this weekend

Hailey gives Esme (Ryder) some goodbye advise

Esme (Ryder)'s new mom:

Bella, Bella, Bella .... the littlest proved to have the most energy! She taught Japser how to go up and down the steps before they parted ways:

Bella (Breze)'s new family:

Jasper takes a nap as he waits to go home:

One last snuggle time with Jasper:

Emmitt is enjoying the good life with his new family. He is making friends with his big brother "Kaiser" slowly but surely.

I love getting updates and pictures of all the puppies as they grow. It just makes my day to open up my e-mail and find a message from one of the new families. As I get updates I will post them here.

Thanks to everyone!!

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