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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Updates on the puppies come filtering in from time to time and when I receive them, it simply makes my day so much brighter!

Esme is now known as Ryder - named after a gun of course! The Red Rider B-B Gun.

The proud owner of said gun gives Ryder lots of lovin':

Ryder enjoys a cool break in the grass:

I don't have any current pictures of Bella - now know as Breze - yet, but I do get e-mails telling of her good nature:

She whined a little the first night at her new home but after that she sleeps through the night! We’ve never had a puppy do that so soon. She is full of vim and vigor! Her favorite things we are finding are crushed ice and her doggy biscuits. I’ve got her trained to sit and she shakes her right paw after she gets her treat! We have remarked that we know what good care you gave all the puppies. They were nurtured off to a good start. She is also very friendly with anyone she has met. She definitely knows my voice and no matter where she is, if she hears me, she comes running....

I get weekly updates about Emmitt and his fun adventures. He has just started the swimming adventure and is taking to it fairly quickly:

Emmitt also loves to steal anything that his older brother Kaiser has. He especially likes to steel his bone when he's not looking:

Carlisle is now called "Molson". He kind of looked like a little round keg and it sounds like he still looks like a keg - only a lot bigger already:

Molson was just acting nice and mellow when we came to see him to fool us, because he is an absolute devil now. Nothing is safe: the toilet paper, the cats, anything he can carry and is not intended for puppies, that's what he wants. He has doubled in size already, and believe it or not, his feet are even bigger....still not too graceful. We think he's going to be a big dog. He's been to the beach, loves the sand, but not too sure about the water yet.. Has completely torn every plant in our graden up, roots and all...no fresh green beans for us this year. He's asking for the door sometimes, yeah, but still doesn't have a clue what his name is. The neighborhood dogs have all accepted him and he's not the least bit afraid of any of them; even Shaggy who probably easily weighs 100 pounds. He's an absolute doll, and we all adore him...he already pointed a robin...so cute. I'll send some pictures as soon as I find my USB cord...he stole it out of my bag . ...

So, hopefully I will have pictures of him to post soon too. I hope you all enjoy as much as I have.

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