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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Puppy Updates

When we got back from our wonderful Alaska vacation, I was welcomed with several puppy updates in my inbox. Finally, I am getting around to sharing these updates with all of you.

First of all, Esme / Ryder is doing wonderful. In their own words:
Chris took Ryder to a NAVHDA event last weekend in Wapello, Iowa. She got to try some of the puppy skill tests and was the first puppy to point a pigeon. Chris was just thrilled and wished he would have had the camera. We are working on some basic commands and she is catching on really quickly. She just loves to play fetch and can't wait for you to get out the tennis ball.

It looks as though she is quite "patient" as the vet in training takes care of her:

And here she is just relaxing in the cool grass:

Dottie - now known as Emma gets along great with her big sister.
Emma is doing great! She has moved up from the alligator stage to being a gremlin. She went to the Vet last friday, got her 2nd shot and weighed in at 15.4#, a gain of 6# from her last visit. She has been fishing and swimming and seems to be enjoying the summer. We are training and she will sit, stay and come on command. She appears to like training and leash work and has been a quick study.

Here are a few recent photos of her. It looks as though she is having a great time in her new home:

Carlisle, now known as "Molson" seems to be quite the handful. A BIG handful:
Molson is @ 25 pounds now, a real moose. He went to puppy class today and did great...for Val anyway, then came home and proceeded to eat an entire cardboard box. We haven't read a newspaper in weeks because he thinks it's a really fun thing to rip it out of our hands as soon as we open it....he's napping now...he's had a busy day.

Emmitt is doing wonderful too and I always look forward to my weekly updates about his adventures.

Yesterday we took a trip to Ithaca where they have a state park with several waterfalls where you can walk in the gorge. Emmitt did so great, I think it was won of my favorite times we had together. He was so brave going over the rocks and through the water, even swimming all by himself.

I also received some photos of Bella in the mail. I hope to scan them and get those posted soon too. She is also doing very well in her new home.


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