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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hailey meets her puppies

Last week, the couple that bought Dottie, now Emma, came over to visit. I had visions of a nice mother/daughter reunion complete with photos and lots of play time together. Not! Luckily I had Hailey on a leash for the meeting, because she didn't take to Emma well at all. It could be due to the fact that she was in heat and her hormones are flying.....or maybe she just wasn't all that thrilled about having her back around again. Either way, I enjoyed seeing her and got lots of kisses and cuddles with her. She is a beautiful dog with very short hair and so very well trained already! Here are the only two shots that I could really get:

Then over the past holiday weekend, we were able to go visit with Sadie, now known as Libby. I knew right from the start that Hailey might not like her very well either, but I was hopeful due to the fact that we were on her turf and because they had all of Lake Michigan as a playground. Hailey still was not real interested. She did lots of growling at her, but all the while her tail was wagging.

Once we got down to the beach, she did a little playing with Libby, but not as much as Libby would have liked. It was fun watching Libby trying so hard to get her attention, but Hailey was much more interested in fetching the tennis ball, over and over and over .....

Libby is going to look very much like Hailey. She isnt' real sure about the water yet, but that will come with time. I remember when Hailey didn't want anything to do with the water either, and now we can't keep her out of it. Libby is a sweatheart and loves to give kisses too.

Hailey shows Libby how to do it:

Here is a little video of the beach activities:

After a big day full of activity, Hailey enjoys a hearty steak bone ... a rare treat:

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