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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, March 29

We've made it through the first long weekend and we are now settling into the ole' routine. Hailey is keeping busy with her feeding and cleaning of the pups, and I'm keeping busy with the feeding of Hailey (mostly McDonald's Cheeseburgers), and cleaning up after all of them. The first few weeks are the easiest for me, and then the roles reverse.

The puppy color code is as follows:

Red = Wilson
Blue = Wagner
Pink = Maggie
Yellow = Dash
Green = Hank (he doesn't always have his ribbon on though)
No Ribbon and all white body is Carl.

All six cuddled up together yesterday:


Hailey with Wilson and Carl:


Maggie and Hank:



This is how I left Hailey this morning, it is as if she is asking me not to go!

And lastly, a little video of them moving around:


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