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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stressing Time!

Last night was the first of 5 nights of "stressing" them which is a very mild training session. We lay them on the cool kitchen floor for 5 minutes seperated from each other and mom is not around either. After 5 minutes they are laid on nice warm towels out of the dryer for another 5 minutes. This helps them to learn independence and breaks down the pecking order so to speak, no alpha dogs and hopefully assuring everyone a well balanced pup.

Can you name the pups yet?? I'll help you out.







The cool floor:

Warm Towel Time:

Wilson is quite content with a full belly:

Carl snuggles up to mom:

Part 1 video of stressing:

Part 2 video of stressing:

As you can see they are all getting fat and sassy!!


linnea said...

My favorite picture is the one where they're all spread out on the floor... they look so silly!!

Jennette said...

We're enjoying the updates!