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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday again!

Wow - 4 weeks old already. Hailey is now spending the night in the house with us. I have the baby monitor on so I hear the puppies if they need anything, but so far they have been quiet all night. By 5 a.m. Hailey wants to get out there and check on them though, and she lets me know it too. Luckily I am used to getting up at that hour to run.

When I got home at lunch today, 3 had escaped the box and were hangin' out with mom. Carl, Wagner and surprisingly - Dash! He might be a tad smaller than the rest, but he can get around.

Wilson has been choosen to go to Ohio. He'll be loved to pieces I think. Tomorrow the 2nd male will get picked. This weekend we will also put the whelping box away and give the pups more room to get into trouble. I'll also start mixing in puppy food with the baby cereal.


Four trouble makers:


Playtime video:

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