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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another one leaves, one left and an update!

Yesterday, Dash was picked up and he had a long ride in store for him back to Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. I thought about him all afternoon and evening wondering how the trip was going. I received an e-mail this morning saying that he did just fine and that he's been introduced to his new dog siblings and that went well too. Here he is with his new dad:

I also received an update on Molly yesterday along with some great pictures. She had her wellness check at the vet and is in perfect health and weighed in at 11 pounds. It sounds like she is very loved and she gets to take afternoon naps with her people. Here she is at her new home:

We now only have Hank left .... soon to become "Finnigan". He is having a ball in the house and tries his best to keep up with the big dogs. When he gets tired he'll find a place to plop down, but he doesn't want to miss anything either. So if I, or one of the dogs get up to do something he is right there following. He had his first night of crate training last night in the house, as I just didn't have the heart to leave him all alone out in the puppy kennel. He did very well .... although I'm sure he'd rather to have been in bed with us!! :-)

Here he is all pooped out under the dining room table:

Enjoy and have a great day!

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Kay and Mike's Blog said...

We loved watching these little puppies grow and thinking about when we brought Libby (Sadie) home.
They are all so cute.