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Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy, busy puppies!

I had very good intentions of going for a run after work last night, but the puppies wanted to play, so it didn't take much to get me to stay and play with them. First it was outdoor time in the grass while I cleaned up their kennel area. When they all came back inside, Maggie would not stop crying even while I held her, so I brought her in the house and she had some alone time with mom and that seemed to make her happy. Hailey wouldn't let her nurse, but did let her climb on her.

After that, Dash and Carl came in the house for some play time with mom and investigating things - like the steps. They are very curious. Unfortunately my camera was outside.

Then, it was time for playing in mom's kennel. Wilson and Wagner were sound asleep, so they missed out on this first adventure.

Play time in a new area:

Hank and B'Nellie nose to nose:


Carl runs to me:

Maggie on the run:

Carl's tired out:

Hank and Wilson enjoy the bed:

Hailey just loves that red ball, and Huntley just wants to get inside with everyone. Not to play with the puppies, but to have the toys for himself. I little nursing time too:

Just playing:

Short but cute - I thought I was taking a still picture:

More Playing:

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