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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hank and Dash

They've been having quite the time playing outside and inside the past few days. Last night they both got their first baths last night too. They did real well even thought they weren't real thrilled with the idea. They smell so good now! When I put them back out in their kennel last night they pretty much collapsed into two little balls.

My mom and dad always carry big sticks, so can I:

B'Nellie has to check on what Dash has:

They found a yard toy to play with and it kept them busy for a long time:

Brinkley watches in the background, sure that they will soon get in trouble:

Hank is happy as can be:

Little Dash gets picked up at lunch time today. Poor Hank will be all by himself now. I wouldn't feel too bad for him though, he'll get plenty of attention!

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