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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hank / Finnegan Update

It is so great to open up my e-mail in the morning to find an update on one of the puppies. Here is the latest about our little Hank:

Finnegan is only waking us up once a night so we are a little less sleep deprived than the last time I emailed you. He is also responding to the basic training we have been doing- he will sit when asked and knows to sit by the sliding glass to be let out to go potty...although the other day he decided to launch out the door not knowing the screen door was closed!
It's a little bent but still usable. He is walking/responding well off the leash- he either wants to walk with us or be with Ziggy. Sometimes his nose distracts him, but not for long when he realizes he has fallen behind! We start puppy kindergarden tomorrow night.

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