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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

B'Nellie and Updates

Everything is going along smoothly with B'Nellie. I take her on September 18th to verify if she is pregnant or not. I'd be surprised if she isn't, but with this being her first time, we will just have to wait and make sure.

Emmitt, from Hailey's 2nd litter is quite the swimmer! He has the greatest mom and they go all over on adventures of hiking, swimming, biking, etc. He's probably the most fit dog ever! Here are a few pictures to share:

Then there is Wilson from last year's litter - now affectionately known as Ozzie. What a handsome guy he is!! These photo's look like a professional took them.

Ozzie is the sweetest pup on earth, and he's the first dog either of us has ever had who hates to get up in the morning. Of course once he's up, the batteries rarely run down.... You certainly breed and raise the best dogs ever!

I hope you enjoy!

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