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Our last litter was whelped October 15, 2016 and all pups are
in their new homes. Next projected litter is winter of 2017/18.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Puppy updates from Hailey's last litter......

The littlest guy from Hailey's litter was Dash (aka Odie) and he moved to Wisconsin. His dad recently sent me some 6-month old pictures and it looks like he is so big now! He said it is pretty hard to take pictures of him as he is always on the go, but I think he did a great job!

And then today I heard from Maggie's(now Molly) family. This is what they had to say about her and also the pictures they sent ....

I just wanted to send you some new pics of Molly, she is the greatest! We have been training at a local pheasant preserve and she is coming along quite nicely. She has found every bird we have put out for her and last Saturday put up an extra hen pheasant left over from one of the hunts before us. She just loves to chase birds!

I might be a bit partial, but I think all the pups we've brought into this world are pretty darn cute and I feel very fortunate to have placed them all in such loving homes.

I will get some pictures of B'Nellie and her ever-growing tummy taken and posted soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are having puppies!!!

No more guessing, the ultrasound detected 5 puppies. There may be more, as ultrasounds make it hard to detect. No matter how many, we are very excited and just want healthy robust little puppies to care for.

Here is one of the pictures:

And a short video:

WooHoo - I am Happy!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

B'Nellie update

Well, Saturday's palpation was inconclusive, so we went again yesterday and she still could not feel anything. So, today at 5:20 we are heading in for an ultrasound. Geez, I never even had an ultrasound when I was pregnant and now I'm getting one for my dog. ha! Our vet said it could just be that she is so tense when we are there that she can't feel any pups. Soon, we will know for sure and she is patiently waiting under my desk .....

Monday, September 13, 2010

While we wait .....

Saturday will be here soon, and they we'll know for sure if B'Nellie is pregnant. She has certainly mellowed out over the past couple of weeks though. I can't wait to find out for sure!!

This is why I think she'll be a good mom ..... she loves the kittens and they love her too. The picture is a little dark as it was taken with a phone camera. This is Cushman snuggling up to B'Nellie, hoping she'll lick his face ... which she does ...

This is what it looks like when you have something to eat that the dogs would like to have too .... she didn't even share!

(left laying down) B'nellie - Standing is Huntley - background is Brinkley and laying on the right is Hailey.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Camping fun .......

While camping up near Sleeping Bear Dunes last week, the couple that bought Hank (Finnegan) were nice enough to bring him to our campsite to visit! They also brought along his big brother Ziggy who is also adorable ..... even though he's not a Griffon. :-) Our friends had their Cairn Terrior, "Monkey" with them and all the dogs got along great. I think Finnegan remembered me when he saw me. At least that is what I'm letting myself believe.

Here are a few pictures and hopefully the video of them playing will work too, as I'm trying to figure out my new camera before the next litter arrives.

Here is Finnegan playing with Monkey: