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Our last litter was whelped October 15, 2016 and all pups are
in their new homes. Next projected litter is winter of 2017/18.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

The awe factor .....

Pile on - there's room .....

I think he is having happy dreams....

And every now and then I get that one photo that just makes even me saw "awe"!!!

I will try to get some individual photo's over the weekend to post on Monday.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Girl ribbons

The girl's ribbon colors are Dark Pink, Light Pink, Black and Light blue. The one with the dark pink ribbon has a totally white body, including her tail and I have named her "Pearl".

The light pink ribbon was the first born and I marveled at how close her markings are to B'Nellie's. Her name is "Lola"

The little one with the light blue ribbon is "Sienna".

And the last little girl with the black ribbon is "Elsie".

A couple of the boy names are still up in the air - so stay tuned. Quizzes will be next week! :-)

Breakfast video .....

At this stage it is hard to take intersting photos as they just kind of lay there. My neighbor stopped over last night to visit and I found out how protective B'Nellie is of her babies. Of course she was feeding them at the time too - but regardless - she won't be letting just anyone around them just yet. Last night I weighed them all and put new ribbons on as their little necks are getting thicker with the weight gain.

I am not sure which one this is .... I hate it when I can't see the ribbon color! Oh, after watching the video I realize this is my little guy with the dark green ribbon ... his name is Sparty!

I hope the videos help make you feel a part of things .....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting into a routine .....

Things are finally settling down a bit and we are getting into a routine. B'Nellie was having a real hard time settling down and my husband figured out that it was just too warm for her, so he dialed down the temperature and low and behold she is doing much better now. She feeds the pups nicely and keeps them clean as she is suppose to. She loves to get outside for a little romp though too and never misses a quick trip into the house to say hello to everyone.

Here is a video and a few pictures taken this morning. I think you can tell that they are filling out quite nicely.

Pile of pups:

Little boy red:

Light Blue:

Feeding, sleeping, cleaning .... work, work, work:

Mom we want to eat ......

If you aren't aware, just click on the photo and you can view a larger size. I've picked names but I have to match them to the puppies yet. Enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Trip to the vet and videos

All the puppies are doing well after their little tail surgeries. We were told it'd take about an hour, so B'Nellie and I went for a nice long walk and found we still had time to kill when we got back, so we went to Burger King. She had two plain cheeseburgers and some fries. I'm not sure she even tasted them!! Here are a couple of videos I took this morning so you can hear just how much noise they can make when they want to!

And here's mom in and out of the box, not sure what to do, but she finally settles in for a good feeding ....

Here is a picture of B'Nellie with two little puppy butts in between her front legs.

I like to name the babies just for fun. The new owner's are free to rename them of course. So far we have only named one girl - and her name is Lola. She has the pink ribbon and her face is totally brown and her body totally white.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Puppies Day 2

B'Nellie did really well with the puppies her first day and night on her own. You can tell that she gets a little overwhelmed at times and is not to thrilled with us holding her babies. When they cry, she tends to cry a little too. Tomorrow will be stressful for her when we go to the vet for tail docking, dew claw removal and health check. The are all gaining weight, which is great too!

The girls:

The boys:

All ten:

B'Nellie sits in the corner, contemplating:

I'll get a video on here in the next day or two so you can hear them too.


Saturday, October 23, 2010


Oh, what a night! I left work at lunch time yesterday, because I knew the time was growing near and she would feel more comfortable with me around. She kept grazing on food and laying on her own up in our bedroom during the evening. Around 9 p.m. I figured I had better go to bed and try to get a little rest as I was ancitipating an all-nighter. I only half slept as I listened for her to show some signs of hard labor, other than her light panting. I remember hearing her licking herself, and the next sounds I heard was a puppy crying!

I flew out of bed, cradled the puppy in my night gown and we flew out to the whelping area in the heated pole barn. Good Grief! She just laid there so quietly and had the first little girl. By 4 a.m. she had 12 puppies - 2 of which were still born and I figured that was it. She settled in to sleep and I tried to do the same in the recliner. The next thing I know she is licking again and she had number 13, but sadly this one was still born.

As sad as it is to loose 3, I think it is a blessing in disguise. This being her first litter, she (we) will be busy enough with 10.

I did miscount the sexes though - and we have 6 males and 4 females. I think my sleep deprevation had me a little confused.

Here are a few pictures:

I will be in touch with those of you getting a new baby!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Well, it won't be much longer now! I went on vacation for 5 days and when I got home Tuesday night I could not believe how big B'Nellie had gotten. She is getting a bit uncomfortable now and sort of crawls up the steps rather than bounding up them. Tonight or tomorrow we will bring the whelping box into our bedroom so she can start sleeping in it - or at least check it out. These pictures don't hardly do her belly size justice, but hopefully you can get an idea of her size.