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Our last litter was whelped October 15, 2016 and all pups are
in their new homes. Next projected litter is winter of 2017/18.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long weekend of activities....

I'M back!!! Sorry to leave you all so long without an update. We had a very busy weekend of activities. First off, everyone has been chosen for their new homes now and we are all very excited.

We played in the water hose, had kids visit and we also went outside a few times. The first day it was very cold outside, so we only stayed out for about 5 minutes. They had fun as you will see in the pictures, but were just shaking and/or shivering when they came in. All of them took a long cuddly nap together afterwards. We've gone outside each day for a while and now they now that there is life on the other side of that kennel. That is good and bad as now they always cry to get out.

Their food is hard kibble now with just a little bit of water - they have teeth and they may as well use them on something other than me! I took so many pictures that I had to just select a few to post. The videos are pretty cute too.

Lola enjoys the crate...

Jessica holds Roy...

Elsie stands directly under the hose (it is warm water)...


B'Nellie tries to escape....

Pearl gets mom .....

Ollie ....

Micky's tongue....

Our grandaughter Mackanna lulls Lola to sleep:

Sparty gets mom.....

Sienna and Lola...


Pile up.....

First time outside, group 1:

Playing outside, group 2:

I've been trying to download the water play video all afternoon. I'll try and add it in a seperate post tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chow Time and a new crate.....

I've probably said this before, but this litter of puppies are the best eaters I've ever had. I think it may be due to the food I am feeding them this time - Purina Pro Plan Puppy.

I put a small crate in thier area too without the door on it so they can explore and maybe even start sleeping in it. I found Sienna snuggled up in it this morning.

At 2 a.m. B'Nellie was whimpering to go outside,so I let her out and when she came back in she would not go back to bed. So, I let her out again and she just stood between the house and the pole barn staring at me. I started to think that maybe she knew something I didn't and had to check her puppies, so out I went. Brrrrr. All the puppies were sleeping soundly - until we walked in of course. So B'Nellie nursed them for a little while and then we went back to bed. Mother's and their young 'uns!!

B'Nellie steels the rope toy every chance she gets.....

Chow time! All but one have their heads in the puppy feeding dish:

You'll have to notice Sparty's progression in the next few pictures as he totally gets into eating.....

Sienna was resting in here until I bent down to take her picture...

There is nothing more fun than fresh newspaper to run around on! The trick is laying it all down to begin with...notice B'Nellie on the outside of the fence with the toy in her mouth....

And the adventure of having fresh newspaper and the crate to explore for the first time...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know that I am thankful to have 10 healthy fun loving puppies and thankful that they all have wonderful new families to love them.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Sleeping arrangments

Twin Beds!! We got the whelping box out of the kennel last night as that was just wasted space these days. I put in Hailey's elevated bed so that the pups now have twin beds to use. Of course they still all get on just one of them and there is usually one or two that prefer to be under it.

The pie plate is not large enough for them all to get around it to eat anymore, so at lunch time I'll put out the large stainless steel feeder for them.

Also, Vinnie was picked last night. He'll be heading over to Wisconsin next month.

Are you lookin' at me??? Almost all of them sleep on top of the bed...

While there is one or two curled up underneath it....

One finds a peculiar headrest...

Pearl finds someone to lay on top of...

Micky sees that mom has entered the kennel:

And while almost everyone eats....

Roy very comfortably sleeps....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 22

Three puppies were chosen over the weekend...Lola, Elsie and Chumlie. They do not want to be in the whelping box anymore, so that will hopefully come out tonight giving them more room for playtime. As you will see in the pictures, they love B'Nellie's bed and have totally taken it over. We have another one of these beds which I will put in their area once the box comes out.

If anyone is interested in getting one for their pups, this is the website and I buy the large size: www.kuranda.com

I put some puppy food in the food processor too and started adding that to the rice baby cereal. They are such great eaters! Some time later this week we will be going outside for the first time too.

Most on the bed and a couple under it:

Such snugglers!!

Ollie takes off with some newspaper:

Here is a look at playtime yesterday afternoon.

Friday, November 19, 2010

TGIF - November 19th

The more active they get the less time I have for picture taking! Lots of paper laying, pickup and clean up going on. This weekend I'll grind up some puppy food and start feeding that to them. The whelping box will come out of the kennel some time during the week and I'll put in a large crate bottom for them to use as a bed area. Although, they do like to get out of the whelping box and go to sleep on B'Nellie's elevated bed.

The are scared of sudden noises, so we are making a point of turning on the vacuum, dropping things, etc. to get them used to these sudden changes.

I snapped these through the kennel fencing during lunch yesterday:

When I went out this morning at 5 a.m. to let B'Nellie out, I found 4 outside the whelping box, a couple cuddled up on her bed while she laid on the hard floor. I put them all in the whelping box, went out for a run and when I came back, one was back out ....


Tomorrow our first family is coming to pick out their little girl. I'll post their pick once I know!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A few more photos and video

When I got home from work yesterday I found Chumlie and Elsie out of the box laying on the floor nursing. Little stinkers! At 2 a.m. I was awakened by a puppy crying and thought something was wrong, so got out there as quickly as possible. It was just Roy, laying in the box by himself whining away. I picked him up, let B'Nellie outside for a few minutes and put them both back. All was quiet after that. Maybe it was just a bad dream? As you can see, their coats are really changing now too.....

Ollie and Sparty:


Micky and Roy:


Back in the box after breakfast:

Back in the box playtime before settling in for another nap:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16

The confidence level is building while outside of the whelping box. The first couple of times, little Pearl was quite nervous about it and now she just walks around and is always the first to dig into the cereal. They are getting to the fun stage of crawling all all over you, but no teeth, so no biting!! :-)

I just take pictures as I am able to find good shots. I really do not focus on any one pup in particular, although it may seem that way at times.


We need a bigger dish!

Ollie stands in the dish:

Messie, Messie:

Elsie wants to get back out of the box:

Sparty and I don't know who cuddle up with a toy:

After the bowl has been cleaned up by the pups, I then let B'Nellie in to finish the cleaning - especially the puppy cleaning:

Monday, November 15, 2010

First food experience

Yesterday afternoon I mixed up a mother-milk supplement for the puppies to try and experience learning how to drink. This group took right to it. Later in the evening I added some rice baby cereal to it and that was lapped right up too! They are not too sure about being outside the box and tend to try to find a way back into it after their bellies are full. This will change as they become more comfortable with the extra freedom.

Sienna gives it a try:

She has to share it:

And then Pearl gets into it:

More of them realize what's going on:

Yum - this is pretty good stuff!

All cleaned up and huddled together with full bellies. The experience of being out of the box and getting wiped off with a wet cloth tired them out:

And here they are eating this morning: