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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election day update and some boy pictures!

Wow, these puppies are getting big and getting big bellies!! Tonight I'll need to do some more nail trimming too. By the end of the week, I imagine we will start seeing some eyes too. That is always fun to see.

I caught B'Nellie pretty sleepy in her box this morning after she had breakfast, and the puppies had their breakfast too. Here she is with Lola (light pink) and Pearl (dark pink):

Tired B'Nellie:

Okay - now for some individual pictures. I have 4 of the boys below and more to follow later today.

Yellow is CHUMLIE and he weighed in at 1.14.5 pounds last night:

Red is ROY and he is the biggest at 2.6.0 pounds last night:

Brown is VINNIE and he weighed in at 2.0.5 pounds:

Green is SPARTY (hey, I'm an MSU fan!) and he weighs 2.3.5 pounds:

And a quiet video this morning. Only Chumlie was still eating, the rest were quite content:

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