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Monday, November 1, 2010

Stressing Puppies

I read about stressing pups on the De-Jac Kennel website a few years ago and decided to do the same for our litters. Pups of 5-10 days old are placed on a cool smooth surface for 5 minutes. While on the cool surface, towels are placed in the dryer. After five minutes the pup is placed on the warm towel. All the time they cannot touch mom or other pups they are used to in the litter. This technique is repeated for about a week.

After a few days, the pups accept the environment they are placed in. Accepting the environment and adjusting is something many dogs never deal with, they are continually fighting to become alpha. Stressing the pups at a young age produces litters without an alpha.

Our first night of Stressing was this past Friday night – here are the videos showing how much noise they made! Some accept it much more readily and it is always interesting to see the follow up video of the final night and how much more quiet they all are.

The cool kitchen floor:

The warm towels:

The videos are a bit blurry, I will do better next time!

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