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Friday, December 10, 2010

The last three taunt the cats and dogs.....

All of the pups had a great time in the house. None are too shy to explore, some a little more cautious than others and all had lots of fun romping and stretching those little legs. Elsie especially took notice of the cats and chased Cushman all over the room. Cushman is very mellow and took the extra attention quite well.

Ollie with the cat toy, notice Vespa watching cautiously in the background:

Lola stalks the camera in this photo. It was something to see her next to her mom, she is an exact replica of her mom with the same spot placement ...

Elsie tries to get the cat toy from mom:

This is a popular toy with all the pups it seems.....

And here is B'Nellie and Hailey just watching ....

I'm a bit sad today knowing that tonight is my last night with 7 of the puppies. I'm not sure what we'll do - maybe go outside to play seeing as the weather looks like it will be decent.

To all of you traveling tomorrow - drive safely!

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