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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Puppies in the house continues .....

I guess I really am getting older and had a brain fart last night. Sienna enjoyed another visit in the house last night. Roy came in too and that was all I had time for last evening. Tonight I'll be sure to get the others in after we go find a Christmas tree!

They ALL escape the kennel as soon as the door is wide enough to squeeze through. When Pearl escaped for a short time she was just zipping around like a wild child.

Sienna and mom....

Roy was funny because he is so big. He'd run a couple of feet and then plop down. One of the cats was laying right in the middle of the floor and he never did pay him any attention.

Big boy Roy with Big boy dad....

And with mom too .....

So, tonight ..... Lola, Ollie and Elsie .... I think!? Yep....I double checked.

Only 2 more days before the goodbyes begin.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure Sienna didn't mind the extra trip into the house. She looks like she was behaving! We are gearing up and getting ready for her.

The Reimers Family