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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday, December 6th .....

It was very cold, snowy and windy last night, so we opted to stay inside and play in the water instead! I think you should all have a very easy time bathing these pups as they all can't seem to get enough of the water. Now a big lake or pond might be intimidating at first, but I'm pretty sure they'll all get in sooner rather than later.

Even after all that playtime some of them still did not want to settle down and it is simply useless to put fresh paper down until they tire out, so I started taking a couple in the house to check things out. First Micky came in and the two cats said "what the heck!" The pups could care less about the kittens and went for their toys instead. I also brought Pearl in last night, but my camera ran out of memory space ... time to start deleting videos!!

Vespa (one of our kittens) watches cautiously as Micky enjoys her toy:

B'Nellie relaxes on Katie's lap as she settles back into what used to be normal:

Oh what fun to play in warm water....

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