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Monday, January 24, 2011

An update from last year's litter.....

Hailey's litter last year will be one before we know it! Here are a few pictures and a video of Carl from that litter ... he is named Chief. What a handsome guy he is too!

We really enjoyed spending our first Christmas with him. He loved opening his new bone and rope! He has been loving the snow; it's so fun to watch him sprint around the yard and shove his face in it. He loves to munch on the little snow clumps that fall off his fur after romping around. He is such a cuddler and hops up onto the couch or into our bed whenever he gets the chance!

I don't think I can add the video here like I usually do, so I'll add the link and hopefull it can be seen that way.

You may have to copy and paste onto your browser.

Vinnie (now McCoy) from B'Nellie's litter is doing very well too. They say that he caught on to potty training real quick and is a start in puppy school.

He even went tailgating with us at a friend's house before the Packer game this weekend. I attached a picture of him with Greg at the tailgate - you can see his little nose all covered in snow from playing around in it. I think he is going to be disappointed to find out that the snow is going to melt away in a few months and he can't play in it anymore.

I'm guessing that McCoy and his family are pretty happy after yesterday's football game!!

As for the regular day to day, we are just waiting and waiting for Hailey to go into heat. Every now and then Huntley alerts us that it may be soon, but so far nothing.


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